How I work

My counselling approach

My counselling is a Person-Centred approach. My skills lie in being able to empathise, listen without judgement and accept you for who you are. I will help you determine the right way forward for you. I do not offer directions, opinions, or advice and I will not tell you what to do or how to live your life.
I do not know how it is to be you, however, I will do my best to try and understand, to see things from your perspective, to get a sense of how life feels for you. I consider that inside we all have the capacity to know what is in our best interest, however at this moment in time, you just need some support to help find it. This is where counselling can help you.

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What to expect

In our first session, we will discuss what it is that you want from counselling, what your expectations are and what I can offer you. We will find out about each other. I believe that one of the key elements of successful counselling is the ‘relationship’ between the client and the counsellor. Occasionally people do not automatically ‘click’, so if I am not the right counsellor for you, or my style of counselling is not what you want, then, you can walk away. I will always be honest with you and I hope our relationship will grow in to one of mutual trust and understanding, key elements in a therapeutic relationship.

Confidentiality, safeguarding, and trust are important in counselling and I will explain how I apply these in my counselling practice.

Opening Hours

Monday - 7am - 8pm
Tuesday - 7am - 8pm
Wednesday - 11am - 4pm

Thursday - 7am - 8pm

Friday, Saturday & Sunday - No appointments offered

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