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Following a varied and interesting career path, including working in the world of dentistry, the ambulance service and the funeral business, I reached a point in my life where I wanted to utilise all of the skills, knowledge and life experiences which I had gained in these various professions. Becoming a counsellor felt like a natural choice. It enabled me to consolidate my skills and offered me the opportunity to work in a position which is extremely rewarding and worthwhile.

Having initially gained the Certificate in Counselling Studies and then a Post-Graduate Diploma in Counselling, I went on to achieve a Master of Arts (MA) in Counselling from the University of East Anglia. Additionally, I have completed further training in Counselling for Survivors of Sexual Abuse, a Certificate in Couples Counselling. Most recently I have completed training in Counselling Supervision, providing me with the knowledge & skills to be able to offer Supervision to my colleagues and peers. I continue to attend CPD seminars and ongoing training too.

I consider that my academic studies, my previous careers, and my life experience has enabled me to gain a wealth of awareness and understanding of people. This in turn assists me with my clients and their concerns. It all contributes to my ability to be able to offer effective counselling.

I believe that I am a good listener, able to demonstrate empathy and acceptance, and who enjoys building therapeutic relationships. It is important to me that I can create a calm and safe environment where we can work and explore together, to help you move forward to a more positive place in your life.

Prior to qualifying as a counsellor, I volunteered as a Samaritan listener. My training here gave me the skills to listen to callers who were experiencing emotional distress, challenging times, or suicidal thoughts. The ability to listen to express empathy and offer emotional support are skills which carried me forward into the world of counselling.

Whilst studying for my Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling, at the University of East Anglia, part of my training Included a placement at the University Wellbeing Service, providing counselling to students. The experience I gained here enabled me to obtain an insight & understanding of the issues many students experience, including, stress, anxiety, depression and concerns regarding academic studies.

I currently volunteer, part-time, as a counsellor at The Sue Lambert Trust in Norwich, an organisation which supports survivors of sexual abuse, rape and violence. I have undertaken additional training in trauma, enabling me to offer support to clients who have experienced these situations.

My roles at the Samaritans, UEA and The Sue Lambert Trust, have all provided me with experience, knowledge, understanding and skills which I utilise in my own counselling work at Kaleidoscope Counselling.

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Looking at life through a Kaleidoscope

Finally, I believe………………...
I believe life is like a Kaleidoscope, made up of many different patterns, shapes and colours. These represent our different feelings, emotions, reactions, and responses. Some are good, positive and we experience feelings of happiness and joy. Others are difficult, complicated, challenging and we may feel sad, anxious or angry.
Sometimes, events happen in life which can cause the colours to change, to darken and the patterns become distorted. Confusion and despair can develop. Anxiety, stress, and hopelessness can take over. Feelings of not coping can grow and become over whelming. It can all feel too much to deal with.
At these times, you may know that you want help, you feel that you need emotional support, but you believe that you have no-one to turn to.
This is when counselling may help you. It doesn’t have all of the answers, however by talking to someone about how you feel, being listened to and being heard can help you see things from a different perspective. Having a safe space to explore your feelings & emotions and obtaining help with understanding your past and present, can change how you view your world. Gaining an awareness and insight may also help you figure out why you feel the way you do, and it can assist you with processing your thoughts. This may all help you to move forward to a more positive outlook.
So, just like a Kaleidoscope, when you turn it, just one small turn, changes the patterns, the shapes and colours. Just that one change can make things brighter, clearer, more focused, and simpler to see. In the same way, counselling may help you with making some small changes, which in turn can make BIG changes to your life.

BACP Membership

I am a registered member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) and I am bound by their Ethical Framework.
The BACP principles and values are important to me and I adhere to them in my practice.

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